Pronunciation Guide:

     Seeing as I've been asked several times how to pronounce the title and characters in my book, I decided it was time to add a resource for anyone interested. I'm not a pronunciation guru, but I'll do my best to express my meaning via Merriam-Webster's pronunciation guide.

Avonoa: \a-v&-nO'-ä\ or \a-vi-nO'-ä\

     av-i-NO-uh or av-uh-NO-uh

Priya: \'prE-yä\ as in the Indian name

     PREE-yuh or PREE-yah

Dakoon: \d&-'kün\ or \da-'kün\

     duh-KOON or dah-KOON

Rakgar: \rak-'gär\


Milah: \'mi-l&\ or \'mi-lu\

     MI-luh or MI-lah

Mitashio: \mi-'tä-shE-O\


Flarote: \flä-'rOt\


Krusible: \'krü-si-bl\ as in 'crucible'


Scorrand: \'skO-r&nd\


Lydik: \'lI-dik\

     lI-dik or L(eye)-dik

Kradik: \kru-'dEk\ or \kr&-'dEk\

     krah-dEEk or kruh-dEEk

     If anything else is unclear, please send me a note through the Contact page and I'll add it. Thank you!

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     Parents are wrong. Teachers are wrong. His leader tries, but fails. The young dragon Dak can’t imagine why he still bothers to do as he’s told. However, dragon law could take his life if he disobeys, so he’s forced to pass the Krusible. The most important test in a young dragon’s life, the Krusible is the only way to gain freedom from the Rock Clouds where his dragon ruck lives, but he can’t manage to remain silent for it. If he doesn’t earn freedom, he might as well crawl into a cave and let his fire consume him.
     When Dak’s two best friends, Tog and Priya leave for an exciting mission, Dak is left behind because of his fourth failed attempt at the Krusible. Instead of remaining behind to endure his punishment, Dak does exactly what everyone feared he might, and secretly follows them. Once on the surface world, Dak quickly learns – in the face of temptation, savagery, torture and possible death – the significance of the secret of Avonoa.

Avonoa Series: Book Two

Avonoa Series: Book One

“Stay away from the surface world!” That’s what Hiro told himself. In fact, that’s what he teaches young dragons now. Humans are dangerous, violent, and evil - best to avoid. That’s all Hiro wants now, too. Until a human shows up in his lair and ruins everything! Princess Anna tricks Tog, Hiro’s best friend, into sneaking her back into Hiro’s life. Even with the story of a dangerous creature attacking, Hiro refuses her pleas for help. But when the dragons learn that previous involvement with the humans has dire lasting effects, Hiro is forced to investigate. With death sweeping over the land, Hiro’s intervention discovers possibilities none could imagine – least of all, him.

H.R.B. Collotzi