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The Gatekeeper of Death


Dragons of Avonoa Book One

In a world of dragons, Jassan longs to become one, but will the answer to his dreams unleash the dead?


Jassan stumbles through his lonely life as one of the most reviled creatures in Avonoa…a faerie. Although Avonoa boasts a growing number of full and part-dragons, faerie dragons simply don’t exist. Just as Jassan receives a glimmer of hope that his wishes could come true, the dead invade. And they are on the hunt for his blood.


Soon Jassan is on the run from monsters, and the madman who controls them, surrounded by people who despise him. Reluctantly swearing oaths on their lives, seven dragons must help Jassan and a strange faerieman on a dangerous quest that could end the world if they fail.

Can Jassan give up his only desire in order to save the world?

Begin the powerful adventure in The Gatekeeper of Death, the first book of the young adult epic fantasy series, Dragons of Avonoa!

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I'm giving away ALL of Avonoa's secrets! And you can win from discovering them!!

Rules: Be among the FIRST to reveal the secrets and win a complete SIGNED set of the Avonoa series with new covers and People of the Storm!

1. Be the first to discover ALL FIVE secrets, one in each book. Enter as many guesses as you like, but only the first correct answers win!

2. DO NOT comment on social media and give away the secrets. This might disqualify you from winning.

3. You must be among the first to send an email message, via the contact form here, including all five complete secrets.

All five secrets are available in paperback, hardcover or Kindle format. Be the FIRST and WIN!! Good luck!!

NEW, NEWEST, NEWER, NEW, NEW  NEWEST HINT!! (For those of you keeping track, this is the sixth hint!)

6. Look at the beginning, although you can find it on almost every page.

5.The title of each book makes up the first part of each secret. The rest you have to find.


4. Each secret has two parts that make the whole.


3. Each secret is spelled out for you!


2. Each secret is found in the same place in each book. Meaning, if you find one, you will find all five!


1. You don't have to own the books to find the secrets!!

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First off, I'm sure your question is "What does the H.R.B. stand for?" Well, my name, of course. My name is Heidi Rose-Black Collotzi.

Next, you might be wondering why I would publish under the name H.R.B. Collotzi. For the same reason Jo Rowling published under the name J.K. Rowling. I didn't want my writing steeped in stigma before a word was read.

See an in-depth bio on the About Me page for how I got started writing!


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