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The most difficult and important test in a young dragon’s life, the Krusible is the only way to gain freedom from the Rock Clouds where his dragon ruck lives, but Dak can’t manage to remain silent for it. If he doesn’t earn freedom, he might as well crawl into a cave and let his fire consume him.

When his two best friends leave for an exciting mission, Dak risks everything to secretly follow them. However, once on the surface world, Dak quickly learns – in the face of temptation, savagery, torture and possible death – the significance of the secret of Avonoa.

“Stay away from the surface world!” That’s what Hiro told himself. In fact, that’s what he teaches young dragons now. Humans are dangerous, violent, and evil - best to avoid. That’s all Hiro wants now, too. Until a human shows up in his lair and ruins everything!

Princess Anna tricks Tog, Hiro’s best friend, into sneaking her back into Hiro’s life. Even with the story of a dangerous creature attacking, Hiro refuses her pleas for help. But when the dragons learn that previous involvement with the humans has dire lasting effects, Hiro is forced to investigate. With death sweeping over the land, Hiro’s intervention discovers possibilities none could imagine – least of all, him.

“Protect your heart!” Hiro’s father and every other dan in the dragon ruck grew up hearing these words from their mentors. When your heart breaks for a dame, she can control you…or ruin you.

Control. Power. These are things not taken lightly. So why is it that Hiro’s heart is so easily swayed? But not toward the one he prefers.

With an enemy army on the horizon and the possible discovery of a dragon poison, why should he worry about his heart breaking?


The extinction of dragons has never been more imminent as human armies, equipped with the faeries’ dragon poison, surround the Rock Clouds.

While dragons fight amongst themselves, Hiro’s body rages within him. Even with the centaurs’ help, everyone knows it won’t be enough. Hiro is desperate for the survival of the dragons.

Unfortunately, he can’t even save himself.


With too many secrets of his own, Hiro is tasked to discover a traitor. His most dangerous secret, also his greatest advantage, becomes his riskiest move to uncover the truth.

Human armies surround the Rock Clouds with poisoned arrows in their quivers. Even with the help of the centaurs and other rucks, the dragons await their own destruction.

A previously unknown and powerful ally appears, but who will they defend?

When all secrets are revealed and every truth comes to light, The One must unite or all will be utterly destroyed in the Krusible.